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Solar Power Market is Growing

A solar cell, or rather a photovoltaic cell, takes the light from the sun and converts it into power. Solar thermal systems take the heat from the sun and use that to heat water and homes. However, in the UK we have unpredictable weather and photovoltaic power is more commonly available.

The photovoltaic panels used are considered by many well suited to use on property and equal use on land base areas. A good site is South facing and this will provide almost continued sun or good ultra violet light as natural light most of the day light hours.

With the use of solar power, the customer must firstly look very carefully at the full Investment cost and compare it with the years of use to a payback cost. This can be different on each situation but the average investment would be based over a 20 – 25 years with a payback at around the 10-15 year mark. You then have to obtain Planning Permission prior to any installation for commercial use. This could be an advantage if you elect to install say a PV 4-10kW (retrofit) on an existing building or a larger PV 100Kw-5MW on a large open plan land site. In these situations you would be well able to enter into a sell back system known as (FIT) by selling back your extra required energy to the national grid at a profit.

Cash back Electricity to National Grid
Clean energy Cash back, by selling back your surplus energy to the national grid is named (Feed in Tariffs) (FIT). From the 1st April 2010, if you generate your own electricity through a renewable technology, you may be eligible for the Clean Energy Cash back scheme. To earn rewards for generating your own electricity via renewable sources.

You must work out the Investment compared to the gains, how much can I earn? Customers will be paid in accordance with their chosen technology type in line with published tariff rates. They typically earn between 3p and 39p per unit dependant on technology type.

Am I eligible? If you are a new micro generator and meet the new criteria you may be eligible to join now providing Renewable Technology, Total output below 50kw, Accredited Installation registered with Micro generation Certification Scheme (MCS). Plus Accredited Total Generation Meter included as part of this installations.

It is very important for any business to understand the Accreditation requirements, to check on Planning Permission,
to carry out a deep costing exercise and to prepare alternative supply install quotations from accredited firms offering their services. It is not the responsibility of a consultant or energy broker to cost the cash back benefits.



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