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Business - Energy Market Supply of Gas

For Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) including Micro-Businesses – (Gas use less than 1.5 GWh per year).
The Gas Industry is set very much like the Electricity Market except the supplies of gas come from Transco by
The Nation Grid System, throughout the Country, to all business premises meters under a Registration Meter Point Reference number.

The Gas Industry is run by the same supply companies and the billing can be by the company who bills for your Electricity, this is called Dual Fuel Supply from the same supplier. Sometimes a business can obtain a new and lower cost supply with Dual Fuel Supply Billing subject to the terms of reference.

Like Electricity – Gas has many different Tariffs, and some supply companies charge two rates; Standing Charge plus the kWh unit rate charge. While other supply companies only charge a kWh unit rate cost with no standing charge. Do I hear you say ‘it is a mine field‘? Well, yes it is, and don’t forget business rates charges are different from Domestic Rates.

Where do Energy Brokers come into the equation? Well, just the same as the information set out on the way Brokers and Agents work all shown on page 3. They are there to take the pressure of you while you get on with running your business, saving you time and money into the bargain.

Energy Consultants, are normally linked to a quality Broker to be able to analyse the trend of supply for Electricity and Gas, to be able talk out a situation with a client and explain the basic rules that apply within the Energy Industry. How does a business start up its machines first thing in a day? What KWh is drawn? Does the
complete start up of machines put your supply over the maximum demand 50kVa or 75kVa or gas kWh? Are you charged extra cost by your supplier without realizing you have incurred the extra cost?

Gas supply can work the same way and many businesses do not realize the extra cost they are running up until they receive the Quarterly or Monthly bills. This is where a good Consultant & Energy Broker can show the business how to reduce cost together with an analysis of the business bills and provide backup service to your business when required. They are able to check and spot the peaks and troughs of energy use.

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