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Green Energy Market & Supply

What do we mean by Green Energy? Well, there are two sorts of green energy; Pale and Dark, but is all of it green? Meaning, does all of it have a positive input? The normal so called Brown electricity – derives from Coal, Gas or Oil. The majority of electricity in the UK has been produced from the like of oil, gas and coal, which are collectively called fossil fuels.

Pale green energy is a hybrid of combined heat and power and renewable heat and power (CHP) from other Accredited generators. This is judged by both Ofgem and Dept of Energy (part of DECC) as green and climate levy exempt electricity.

Deep green energy is combined from renewable sources like energy from anaerobic digestion, waste, water, wind, biomass and solar. We therefore, now look towards a more friendly option of green electricity as it is produced from Renewable energy sources with little or no impact on the environment, by using the following energy power from: Wind Power, Solar Power, Hydro Power, Wave Power, Tidal Power, Geothermal, Biomass and Anaerobic digest.

Lets us take a brief look at some of the Green Energies that we can easily recognize:

Wind power, the winds that cross over the UK can be utilized by wind turbines to produce electricity. There are growing numbers of wind farms around the UK now, both on shore and off shore, to provide at the moment around 5% of the national requirement of electricity.

Hydro power, we have many water power turbines producing many MGw of energy. The Scottish mountains help to produce a very large supply of water turbine energy into the national grid, which is then taken up with all other sources of power to keep the supply of continuous electricity by the National Grid for use in the UK.

Wave power and Tidal power are relatively new innovations and have yet to prove they can add sufficiently to the UK needs. But, with more testing and placing of main sea turbines there is a very great potential to supply a considerable Amount of our electricity needs.

Geothermal heat has for many years been available, but is costly to produce and has to be capped and stored or used by direct heat exchange in property’s. There is an underlying trend to use this form of heat for new build houses in the future to save on other fuel being consumed for the general heating of properties.

Biomass, waste produce can be used to conduct into heat exchange and also produce electricity there by adding to the
many ways we must look to use all fuels to complement each other to the end use of electricity supplies.

Wind Turbine
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